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Becoming a CPA in Connecticut

A new CPA Exam is launching in January 2024!

As part of the multi-year CPA Evolution initiative to modernize CPA licensure and testing to be more reflective of today’s business environment, a new CPA Exam will launch in January 2024.

If an individual passes and retains credit for all four CPA Exam sections by the end of 2023, the changes to the CPA Exam will NOT impact their journey. An individual who will still be working through the CPA Exam in January 2024 will need to switch over to sitting for the new CPA Exam at that time.

Get the latest transition information for CPA candidates in Connecticut in our downloadable guide. 

Welcome to the journey to becoming a Connecticut CPA.

The CPA credential can bring so much value to your career – opportunity, prestige, not to mention the potential to earn up to $1 million more over the course of your professional life! The path is well worth it, but it does come with hard work and attention to detail to make sure you meet all the requirements. That’s where the Connecticut Society of CPAs (CTCPA) comes in!  

We’ve learned so much answering questions from aspiring CPAs over the years that it just made sense to write it all down. So here it is – your five-step handbook to anything and everything you need to know about becoming a  Connecticut CPA.

If you have questions, please reach out to the CTCPA Membership Team at or call 860-258-4800 and press 2.

Download your copy.

Become a CPA

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FAQs and Resources

Where can I find all the forms I need?

We've gathered everything in one place.  Here are all the forms and links you'll need. 

I have questions.  Who should I contact?

The CTCPA Membership Team is at the ready to help!  Reach out to us with any questions at or call 860-258-4800 and press 2.

There are a lot of organizations and companies you'll encounter along the way, between scheduling your exams and applying for your license. You can also check out this  reference guide of the key players.

How can CTCPA membership help me?

CTCPA student members get access to amazing scholarships and can save hundreds of dollars on popular CPA Exam review courses. We also offer you the education you'll need going forward to keep your license current, can introduce you to 6,000 CPAs across the state, and offer programs such as our popular Interview Day program to help you land a first job or internship. Student membership is free - Join today!

Where can I get an accounting degree in Connecticut?

Here are the colleges and universities in Connecticut with accounting programs recognized by the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy.

Where can I get scholarships to help pay for my education or taking the CPA Exam?

The CTCPA Accounting Scholarship Foundation exists help aspiring CPAs make their dreams reality, awarding more than $50,000 in scholarships annually. We've recently revamped our scholarships!  Find more information on the awards CTCPA Student Members can apply for to help you along your journey to CPA - from high school to college to sitting for the CPA Exam.  Not a CTCPA member?  Student membership is free - join today!


How can I find out more about what will be on the CPA Exam?

Download the CPA Exam Booklet for details and advice. 

All parts of the exam are computerized and test your level of accounting knowledge.

There are four sections:

  1. Auditing and Attestation (AUD),
  2. Business Environment and Concepts (BEC),
  3. Regulation (REG), and
  4. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR).
How can I find and save money on CPA Exam review courses? 

CTCPA student members can take advantage of exclusive discounts from top providers.  Learn more. 

How can I purchase the Ethics Exam?

Once you've got the degree, gained the experience, passed the exam... there's just one more step! You just need to pass the AICPA Professional Ethics for CPAs self-study exam (available for purchase, by members and nonmembers, from the CTCPA) with a score of 90 or better.

The ethics exam is an online product - you simply watch OnDemand videos and take the ethics exam online.