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Maintaining Your CPA Credential

Who do I talk to about my CPA license?

The Connecticut State Board of Accountancy is the licensing and regulatory body for CPAs in Connecticut. If you have questions about continuing education requirements in Connecticut, license renewal, reciprocity, or the CPA exam, contact the State Board of Accountancy at 860-713-6100 or any of the following email addresses:

Check out the resources and requirements below to make sure you're on the right track!


Connecticut CPA licensees are required to complete 40 hours of continuing professional education each year. Depending on your area of practice, there may be specific credits required within that 40 hours.

Peer Review 

Connecticut accounting firms that perform certain accounting, auditing, and attestation services must undergo a peer review every three years.  We administer the AICPA peer review program in order to enhance the quality of these firms.


Mobility allows licensed CPAs and CPA firms to practice across state jurisdictions - without additional licensing or fees.. To date, most states (including Connecticut!) have passed mobility legislation. Find out if mobility applies to you and your current engagement below.