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To sit for the CPA Exam in Connecticut, you'll need a bachelor's degree (120 hours) from a regionally accredited four-year college or university that includes:

  • At least 46 credit hours in the study of accounting and related subjects, including but not limited to business law, economics, and finance.
  • At least 24 of those credit hours must be in the study of accounting.

To apply for your CPA credential in Connecticut, you'll need an additional 30 credit hours for a minimum of 150 credit hours of college education.

  • A minimum of 36 credit hours must be in accounting. (This includes the 24 credit hours you submitted to take the CPA Exam.)
  • Thirty credit hours must be in economics and business administration. (This includes the 22 credit hours you submitted to take the exam.)
  • At least 60 credit hours must be in general education. Excess accounting courses will be considered.
  • These credits may be obtained at any time prior to applying for the CPA credential.

Looking for an accounting program in Connecticut?

Here are the colleges and universities in Connecticut with accounting programs recognized by the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy.