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Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley Efficient Learning combines superior content with a proven online learning methodology. Wiley's acclaimed course content includes 12,000+ test questions, and is built around a 30-minute “Bite-sized” content framework, all lessons contain text and multimedia elements, as well as mini-diagnostic assessments. Progress and outcomes are constantly tracked and regularly reported back to students for self-assessment, building the confidence and motivation critical for success.

The superior instruction from Wiley CPAexcel's professors, along with free online updates, upgrades and access until you pass, give students the flexibility to do the exam on an individual schedule. Our student surveys of those who complete the Wiley CPAexcel Course, show pass rates on the CPA Exam at higher than 80%. Compare this to the national average (less than 50%) and it's clear that our popular Efficient Learning Platform with Bite-Sized Lessons will help one pass at a very high level.

CTCPA members get:

  • A 35% discount on the most popular Wiley Efficient Learning courses and products.

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