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Anthem Dental and Vision Benefits

With Anthem Specialty dental and vision benefits, you get exceptional benefit coverage with the buying power of the Connecticut Society of CPAs. Your CTCPA membership now gives you access to benefit plans for you, your family, and even your employees.

Voluntary options for you and your family

Our voluntary dental and vision plans offer you, as an individual, a way to help keep healthcare costs in check and increase your purchasing power at an affordable price. Your membership in CTCPA is all you need to access affordable dental and vision coverage.

Voluntary options for your employees

As a CTCPA member, you can extend these dental and vision options to your employees. You will be strengthening the value of the benefits program you offer, while boosting employee satisfaction. And because employees pays 100 percent of these costs, there is no negative effect to your bottom line. (You may choose, of course, to offer these plans as part of company paid benefits. Anthem will work with you to create an employee option that suits you and your company.)

For complete details, view our Specialty Benefits Guide or contact with Acrisure at 860-351-0100, ext. 412 or