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Rediscover CTCPA

Rediscover your CTCPA membership - make sure you're making the most of everything we have to offer!

There are so many benefits to being a CTCPA member that sometimes when someone asks me why they should join, I need to pause for a moment. From the strong peer-to-peer interactions I see in meetings and in our online community to the experts we bring in for professional development and committee meetings to the real difference we make while connecting our members to regulators, elected officials, and business referral sources, sometimes it's hard to know where to begin.  

While many of these benefits are evergreen and ongoing, we're also constantly shifting to bring you just-in-time news and information. Recent free member programs and committee meetings have focused on hot topics in ESG, EIDL, technology, the state's new cannabis industry, consulting and advisory services, and more.  

Bring your staff and colleagues into the mix. Don't forget your new and young professionals!  

I hope you will also make sure your peers and younger team members recognize the value of membership. The best way to help them get involved is to bring them along with you to a committee meeting or encourage them to attend an event so they can see the benefits and opportunities first-hand.  

We've provided ways to have fun and give back through our hugely popular New and Young Professionals Dodgeball Tournament (shout out to our top teams from Deloitte, FML, PWC, and CLA) to time to connect at a Wolf Pack game or give back at our CTCPA Day of Giving.  

Something for everyone.  

CTCPA really does have something for everyone. Whether you want to be around similarly minded individuals, get answers to tough technical questions in a seminar or workshop, make connections to grow your business, enjoy a fun evening out with your peers, or make connections to grow your business, there's a place for you in the CTCPA.

Top-Rated Member Benefits

With so many available member benefits, it's hard to choose just a few. Below are some of the top-rated programs and opportunities our members have identified as their favorites.  Download the list as a PDF. 

Participate in peer-to-peer discussion in the specialized groups that are right for you.

From our new committees on cannabis, ESG, and client advisory services to long-established groups on taxation, accounting standards, and more, there's a group to fit your needs.   More>>

Make connections to grow your business or client base.

From referral sources to potential clients, CTCPA joint programs and groups engage professionals in law, government, business and industry, not-for-profits, and more.

Learn and have fun at our new and young professionals, diversity, and industry-specific events. 

From educational breakfasts to business chemistry training to laser tag and dodgeball, our specialized programs offer something for everyone.  More>>

Get to personally know key players at regulatory agencies.

Meet and speak directly with leaders in our state and beyond. We'll help connect you with the right people to help you answer tough questions and address issues.  More>>

Get breaking news and insider information from the State Capitol and policymakers as we advocate on your behalf.

We are the profession's boots on the ground to keep on top of what's happening and take action on important issues.  Our Advocacy Updates bring you vital news on not only accounting and taxation matters, but regulatory reform, human resources, transportation, business management, and beyond. More>>

Ask tough questions and swap knowledge in our private online community. 

Reach peers who can share how they're handling complex issues, and share your own expertise. Our state and federal tax groups are especially active. More>>

Keep on top of emerging issues from technology and the economy to the latest in strategic business management. 

The profession and the world are changing rapidly. We're your partner as you successfully navigate into the future.  More>>

Take advantage of top-quality professional development at a generous discount.

From conferences to livestream to self-study, find the education you and your team need. Our curated course collections provide recommended tracks organized by staff level and career focus.  More>>

Save with our member perks and affinity partnerships.

You'll find everything from insurance, software, and business cell phone plans to fitness, daycare, and CPA Exam review courses. More>>