Peer Review Fees (as of April 1, 2020)

The peer review program is divided into two fees. 

Annual Fee

  • Billed yearly in June.
  • Based on the size of your firm and whether you are a CTCPA member or a member of another state CPA society.
Firm Size Member Non-Member  
1 professional $205 $560
2-5 professionals $385 $725 
6-10 professionals $435 $775 
11-19 professionals$715 $1,050 
20+ professionals $820 $1,150 

Service and Evaluation Fee

  • Billed when your peer review is scheduled (once every three years).
  • Based on your firm’s review type.
Firm Size System Review Engagement Review 
1 professional $450 $400 
2+ professionals $450 $425 

A first-time enrollee whose peer review is due in the current year will be billed the Service and Evaluation Fee and current year’s Annual Fee. New firms whose review falls after the current year will be billed for the current annual fee only. 

Firms that resign from the AICPA Peer Review program between reviews due to non-payment will be required to pay a reinstatement fee, which is the Annual Fee for the interim years.

Reinstatement Fee

On May 2, 2019, the CTCPA Peer Review Committee voted to charge a $1,000 reinstatement fee to any firm that has been terminated from the program by the AICPA.