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Michele Ganon, Larry Gramling Honored with Educators of Excellence Awards

June 09, 2024

At the June 6, 2024 Recognition Reception, the Educators of Excellence award (the "Eddy") made its much-requested return to two worthy recipients: Michele Ganon of Western Connecticut State University and (posthumously) longtime University of Connecticut professor and CTCPA past president Larry Gramling.

Dr. Michele Ganon is the head of the Western Connecticut State University accounting department and a full-time accounting professor. She has spent more than 30 years at Western.

The nomination that her student submitted is a true testament to her commitment to education and to her students:

Dr. Ganon has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, expertise, and passion in cultivating a dynamic learning environment for students. Her unwavering commitment to academic excellence, innovative teaching methodologies, and mentorship has profoundly impacted countless students and colleagues alike.

She continuously works to keep students ahead of the curve by always keeping us up to date on changes in the CPA exam, the availability of internships and scholarships throughout the region (including those made available via the CTCPA), and for her continuous support with our own Accounting Society, where we show visiting firms and guest speakers that our students are ready to begin a career in accounting right out of the gate.

Dr. Ganon's ability to impart complex accounting principles with clarity and enthusiasm fosters a deep understanding and appreciation for the subject matter. She also clearly shows the value and importance of obtaining the CPA to all students in the accounting program. It is with great admiration and respect that I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Ganon for this well-deserved recognition.

On October 17, 2023, the CTCPA and Connecticut’s accounting community lost a tremendous advocate with the passing of CTCPA past president Larry Gramling. Larry was an extremely active member of the CTCPA, an enthusiastic champion of the profession, and an integral part of preparing the next generation of CPAs and accounting professionals in our state. 

Larry was frequently greeted at CTCPA events by the countless students he inspired over his many years as a professor at the University of Connecticut. In addition to his CTCPA service as president and a member of the Board of Governors, he was active on numerous committees ranging from Educators to Bylaws, Nominating, Audit, and more. He was also a trustee of the CTCPA Accounting Scholarship Foundation. 

In his 38 years at UConn, he was chosen by his students as the winner of eight annual Outstanding Accounting Professor Awards and served as an Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies at the School of Business for six years before his retirement in 2018.

Larry was honored with a tribute in UConn Today following that retirement, and his two-time student turned colleague Leanne Adams perhaps said it best in that feature:

“Larry is one of those rare people who effortlessly uplift everyone around them. As a professor, you simply knew he was on your side, which afforded you the courage to take on otherwise intimidating challenges. As a mentor, Larry guides and advises with a respect that makes you believe in yourself. Working with Larry is to know you have a supportive, resourceful colleague. To know him is to become a better person.”