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Member Perks and Partnerships Application

In order to be considered to be a CTCPA Member Perk and Partnership, all products/services/programs must:

  • Be consistent with the professional image of the CTCPA.
  • Be offered on a statewide basis (i.e., vendors cannot specifically exclude an area of the state).
  • Be provided by an organization with a reputation for quality and service.
  • Ordinarily involve arrangements in which the CTCPA receives reasonable remuneration for its participation.
  • Benefit and relate primarily to professional services of members. However, other services that would personally aid the members (e.g., theme parks) might be offered as a secondary or supplemental service.
  • Not involve order processing by CTCPA. Staff work time should be kept to a minimum.
  • Not, in most instances, involve contractual arrangements that must undergo attorney review.
  • Be easily accessible to members (e.g., phone number, dedicated webpage, etc.).

If you would like to propose a partnership with the CTCPA that fits this criteria, please complete the Member Perks and Partnerships application below. 

Questions?  Please reach out to Jennifer Cooley-Brewer at or 860-258-0221.