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Top Ways to Be a CTCPA Ambassador

With such a wide variety of CTCPA member benefits available, we wanted to provide you with some of the top ways to help your staff, colleagues, and clients get involved. The most effective and powerful recruitment tool is a personal ask from another member. Encourage those around you to join and then gain maximum value from their membership!  View member benefits, membership categories, and how join today!

Download the Top Ways to Be a CTCPA Ambassador as a pdf. 

Invite your peers to broaden their knowledge and engage with a wide range of professionals across industries by joining a committee or attending a member meeting. 

This is by far the best way to become truly engaged in our community. Members gain so much from being connected with others who share expertise and can act as a sounding board and source of business referrals. Our committees draw professionals from a wide range of industries including law firms, financial institutions, educational institutions, employee benefit plan administrators, not-for-profits, government, those seeking help with emerging issues like cannabis and ESG, and much, much more.  

We're not just for CPAs! Spread the word that CTCPA can connect you with other professionals to expand your network and help you grow your business or client base.

From referral sources to potential clients, CTCPA joint programs and groups engage professionals in law, government, industry,  not-for-profits, and more.  

Popular events include networking and joint educational programs with the Bar Association, dinners with the Department of Revenue Services, our annual Employee Benefit Plans Networking Social, and many ongoing committee meetings and events. 

Engage your staff to make connections and learn at New and Young Professionals programs, specialized groups, the CT Professionals' Leadership Academy, and more. 

Send the young professionals in your office to a member event so they can practice their networking skills and make contacts to expand their books of business in a friendly and supportive environment. Or help them learn something new at a specialized educational session. They can even apply for the CT Professionals' Leadership Academy, a six-month program that connects an elite group of emerging leaders including accountants, architects, attorneys, and finance and insurance professionals for a rigorous curriculum. 

Share an example of how our breaking news alerts give you the vital information you need. 

We keep you in-the-know on rapidly changing issues in the profession. Pass along one of our breaking news alerts, timely professional updates, or an issue of Connecticut CPA magazine. And don't forget to follow us and share our industry and member news on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram!

Have you watched another member grow and progress through our extensive leadership opportunities? Invite an emerging leader to get involved!

Members can join and then chair a committee, talk to students about the profession, run a charity drive, get connected with a not-for-profit organization looking for a board member or other volunteer, serve on our Advisory Council, and, maybe someday, our Board of Directors. The possibilities are endless!

Encourage your peers to ask tough questions and share knowledge about regulations, laws, and other guidance in our private online community.

We have 20+ online groups where you can ask and answer tough questions, seek guidance on everything from taking advantage of economic stimulus programs to tough filing issues, connect on complex concerns, and more. Our state tax and federal tax groups are especially active online.  

Members can't get enough of our inside information from the State Capitol, State Board of Accountancy, and other agencies as we advocate on your behalf.  Share our next Advocacy Update with a friend.

We are the profession's boots on the ground to keep on top of what's happening and take action on important issues.  Our Advocacy Updates bring you vital news on not only accounting and taxation matters, but maintaining your CPA license and quality review, regulatory reform,  human resources, transportation, business management, and beyond.  

Did you know that membership grants you access to get to personally know key players at regulatory agencies? Get engaged and invite a colleague to join you!

Meet and speak directly with leaders in our state and beyond at committee meetings, conferences, joint dinners with the Department of Revenue Services, and more. There are plenty of opportunities for members to meet one-on-one or in small groups with officials and get connected with the right people to answer questions and address issues. 

We offer the best professional development programs around. Make sure your peers know about our generous member discount.

From conferences to livestream to self-study, find the education you and your team need. Our curated course collections provide recommended tracks organized by staff level and career focus.

Members save up to $125 per eight-hour course and can earn more than 40 hours of complimentary CPE credit through our free members-only programs.