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4.0 Credits

This course will address the tax aspects of the decision-making process that a business owner must undertake throughout the life cycle of the business. We will begin by agreeing to a basic set of facts for the hypothetical business that will form the basis of our discussion and then review key life cycle decisions and their tax-oriented alternatives, beginning with the choice of entity and moving through additional key decisions affecting the operation, maturation, growth, and sale of the business. The course culminates with an exercise in which teams of participants will independently negotiate the terms of a sale of the mature business, based upon a single set of facts. The most fascinating aspect of this exercise is watching the class react to just how different the final sales terms can be for each team. An interactive and participatory way to expand your understanding in this complex area.


  • Understand the ways in which tax-oriented alternatives impact key life cycle decisions of a business
  • Be able to articulate the key considerations in making sound tax-oriented business decisions

Major Topics

  • Choice of entity considerations
  • Payroll and health care
  • Business expansion
  • Pension plans
  • Negotiation of terms of sale

Designed For

CPAs who advise client business entities or their own firm on the tax-oriented aspects of business decision making


Some experience in, and a working knowledge of, the fundamental principles of business taxation

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