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12.0 Credits

Small businesses face increasing demands for retirement benefits for rank-and-file employees as well as newly enhanced opportunities for their principals. Unfortunately, they don't have Fortune 500 budgets to design, implement, and administer their plan. With the income and net investment taxes affecting businesses and individuals, retirement plans offer unique opportunities that clients will want to maximize. Now more than ever, tax practitioners need to know how to communicate the following tax reform ideas effectively, and to provide ongoing tax planning services to the most important segment of their client base. This course is tailored to the needs of small businesses.


  • Identify the tax benefits and limitations of qualified plans
  • Distinguish types of qualified plans and explain their advantages and disadvantages
  • Understand what factors determine which qualified plan design is appropriate
  • Be aware of compliance issues

Major Topics

  • Compliance: what the IRS and DOL need to know
  • How income tax rates affect plan selection
  • Review practical plan options and match this to the client's needs
  • How top-heaviness has gone on a diet
  • Playing catch up with retirement plans
  • Overlooked ways for highly compensated employees to contribute more to their plans
  • Increasing benefits for participants and deductions for businesses
  • SIMPLE and 401(k) plans that provide added benefits
  • The 401(k) plan regulations
  • Roth 401(k) programs: an opportunity that must be considered
  • The deemed IRA
  • Eliminating the money purchase plan in favor of a more flexible profit-sharing plan
  • Increasing access to accounts before retirement
  • Defined-benefit plans: will they be making a comeback?
  • The latest on cash balance plans
  • The solo 401(k): solution for the self-employed
  • How qualified plans can impact net investment income tax
  • Legislative proposals
  • Late-breaking tax legislation of pension reform is enacted

Designed For

CPAs in public accounting and industry who wish to explore the newest and best options for structuring pension plans