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16.0 Credits

This course will take new and administrative staff from the most basic concepts to a full understanding of individual tax return preparation -- just in time for the crunch of busy season! Updated for impacts of the Protecting Americans Against Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015.


  • Learn complicated issues of filing status and dependency exemptions
  • Understand issues with reporting capital gains transactions
  • Complete targeted comprehensive problems related to Schedule A, Schedule C, Schedule D, Form 4797 and Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Overview of passive activity rules
  • Complete a comprehensive tax return; answers with filled-in forms are provided

Major Topics

  • Effects of recent legislation
  • Filing information, filing status, personal exemptions, dependents, the standard deduction, etc.
  • Wages and salaries
  • Interest income, dividend income, mutual funds, Social Security
  • Figuring tax
  • Basic income tax preparation -- From Form 1040A to Form 1040
  • Capital gains and losses
  • Medical and dental expenses, charitable contributions
  • IRA contributions and distributions
  • Distributions from qualified retirement plans, pensions, and annuities
  • Profit and loss from business or profession and self-employment tax
  • Unreimbursed employee business expenses -- Form 2106
  • Depreciation
  • Rental income and expenses
  • How the Affordable Care Act affects tax returns

Designed For

New staff, rusty or those returning to the profession, who desire to prepare individual returns