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4.0 Credits

Clients think that estate planning only applies to the very rich. In truth, there are many issues of critical concern for which the middle-income client needs to plan. This course is a must-attend for all CPAs who work with middle-income clients and are looking for ways to provide additional quality services. Updated for post-election developments relative to potential estate tax repeal.


  • Understand various documents used in estate planning
  • Identify use of trusts and other financial arrangements
  • Know what issues clients confront, and potential solutions

Major Topics

  • More than 20 documents that clients should have that are neither a will nor a trust
  • Provisions you need in a will
  • Trusts and other arrangements for children
  • Durable powers of attorney for health care and for financial matters
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Post-election developments relative to potential estate tax repeal

Designed For

CPAs who advise clients on estate planning