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8.0 Credits

In this course we will cover in depth the many complex considerations involved in utilizing and strategically structuring the partnership and operating agreements for Subchapter K entities to meet the business goals of the entity while minimizing the tax burden for the entity and its members. You will come away with a comprehensive understanding of the key issues to consider, the tax consequences of various drafting and structuring choices, tax audit considerations, and planning strategies.


  • Understand the tax considerations involved in utilizing and structuring partnership and operating agreements
  • Be able to analyze structuring options and identify pros and cons relative to entity goals and entity/member tax impacts

Major Topics

  • Capital contributions
  • Capital accounts
  • Profits and loss allocations
  • Distributions
  • Transactions between partners and partnerships
  • Liquidation
  • Tax audits

Designed For

CPAs who advise LLCs and partnerships on issues related to entity selection, formation, and tax strategy


Some experience with, and a working knowledge of, Subchapter K taxation

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