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4.0 Credits

In the uncertain legislative environment, careful, flexible planning takes on new importance. This course presents the most important income tax planning ideas wealthy clients and closely-held business owners need to consider this year to take advantage of the present and plan potential changes. It highlights areas in the income tax return that suggest future opportunities for the individual client. Updated for post-election developments.


  • Identify areas where individual taxpayers are not taking full advantage of the Code
  • Know the directions in which taxes are changing or are likely to change and how that affects planning

Major Topics

  • Review current tax proposals
  • Reading a tax return for developing client-specific tax strategies
  • Compensation and fringe benefit issues
  • Is the client in the right mix of investment vehicles?
  • Identify clients with investment income tax problems and the potential ways to reduce or eliminate them, as well as plan for potential repeal
  • All in the family: Tax tactics for spouses, children, and parents
  • What is new in health care that CPAs need to know

Designed For

All practitioners involved in tax planning for individuals who need to go beyond basic tax and financial planning techniques


Experience in individual income tax planning and income tax return preparation