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8.0 Credits

The employer-employee relationship strains both sides in a troubled economy, and businesses need CPAs, controllers, and other advisors to provide understanding of the complex legal, tax, and health care issues associated with all aspects of employment. This course provides in-depth coverage of this critical area. This has been updated for the status of the NEW Department of Labor exemption classification and overtime requirements.


  • Identify the legal issues in hiring, evaluating, and firing employees
  • Discuss federal laws that curtail an employer in taking actions involving employees and applicants
  • Understand the requirements that fringe benefits and compensation programs place on employers

Major Topics

  • Hiring and firing issues - What questions cannot be asked in an interview; how to document employee performance; establishing an annual review system; when an employer may and may not fire an employee, and much more
  • Employment contracts - An analysis of the legal and planning issues in structuring employment contracts; when noncompetition agreements will and will not work
  • Employment issues in the economy - Telecommuters and other special situations
  • Legal liability issues - Recognition of age discrimination, sex discrimination, FSLA issues, minimum wage, overtime, sexual harassment, and more
  • Fringe benefit issues - COBRA, Family and Medical Leave Act, and what is new in health care
  • Medical plans: who is a full-time employee?

Designed For

CPAs who need an in-depth understanding of employment issues