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4.0 Credits

2016 is yet another year of significant change in the world of government and nonprofit auditing. Time is valuable, and it's hard to stay current in today's rapidly changing environment. Let us save you time and effort in staying current through this informative update course. The course materials utilize a highly illustrative and innovative format. Over a dozen focused exercises are included to provide an enhanced working knowledge of the latest developments in government and nonprofit auditing.


  • Keep up with the latest developments at the GAO, OMB, and AICPA
  • Ensure that your auditing skills stay up-to-date with current requirements
  • Be prepared for major changes on the horizon

Major Topics

  • Performing single audits under the OMB's new Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards
  • Developing issues and challenges involving the Yellow Book
  • Key AICPA developments affecting audits of governments and nonprofits

Designed For

Auditors and industry professionals working in the government and nonprofit environment


Knowledge of government and nonprofit auditing