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4.0 Credits

Both businesses and individual clients face major changes in the tax landscape. Tax professionals face a considerable challenge: delivering effective planning advice and services to address recent developments while staying nimble to respond to potentially massive changes in the coming months. This course addresses implemented changes including the status of the newly enjoined Department of Labor exemption classification and overtime requirements, and extender provisions effective this year under the PATH Act. It also encompasses the latest cases and rulings and new tax legislation as it develops.


  • Understand strategies and techniques to use in light of tax changes
  • Understand the options for reporting property acquisitions
  • Understand current cases and rulings affecting businesses

Major Topics

  • Update on major recent enacted tax law changes
  • How the Code affects tax planning for individuals and businesses
  • The latest on depreciation and safe harbor expensing options
  • Review of pertinent cases and rulings regarding exclusions, character issues, retirement plans, travel and other items affecting your individual taxpayers
  • Practice aids, including all the numbers applicable this year -- inflation-adjusted amounts, mileage rates, retirement contributions, and more
  • Developing tax law changes, including the status of DOL overtime rule changes

Designed For

CPAs who need to know the latest tax law changes in all areas of practice


Experience with individual and business clients