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3.0 Credits

Being a successful coach requires tackling various responsibilities, including motivating, providing positive and constructive negative feedback, and otherwise getting the best performance out of engagement team members in the given situation. This module provides tips and techniques for critical coaching responsibilities.


  • Discuss how to motivate teams for engagement success
  • Explain the appropriate use of different coaching styles
  • Describe a process for engaging in difficult conversations
  • Discuss a process for giving constructive feedback

Major Topics

  • Different ways to appropriately motivate others for performance, including nonmonetary awards
  • Modifying coaching style to the various specific situation, considering both task and relationship factors
  • Tips for engaging in difficult conversations with others, including staff, peers, supervisors and clients
  • Giving constructive negative feedback to staff, including creating an action plan for improvement

Designed For

Accountants with responsibilities for coaching staff for higher performance on audit engagements


Experience on complex audit engagements