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3.0 Credits

Sound client and engagement management can influence both the effectiveness and efficiency of an audit engagement. This module will provide guidance on how to maximize return on time spent with critical areas, such as budgeting, scheduling, client assistance and delegation.


  • Discuss the role of the in-charge, senior or supervisor for client and engagement management
  • Explain guidelines for better engagement budgeting
  • Describe tips for better engagement scheduling
  • Discuss supervision and delegation techniques

Major Topics

  • Importance of quality control on audits
  • Why budgets are not used, and how to overcome the barriers to success
  • Determining useful budget amounts to use as a tool
  • Better engagement scheduling tips for improved efficiency
  • Making sure the client is ready on the first day of the audit
  • Delegating for professional development and leveraging audit hours
  • Handling difficult delegation scenarios
  • Better engagement wrap-up tips and techniques

Designed For

Accountants with responsibility for management clients and engagements


Experience on basic audit engagements