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7.0 Credits

This popular CTCPA conference addresses the skills that new and young professionals need to become successful leaders in their professional life. Topics will include presentation skills, emotional intelligence in the workplace, building & managing successful teams, conflict resolution and more! Sessions will be interactive and engaging and will incorporate group exercises and networking opportunities.

*Free head shots will be offered throughout the day.

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New and young professionals.


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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

General Sessions

Presented by: Debbie Fay, Presentations Consultant/Public Speaking Coach & Founder and President of bespeak presentation solutions, llc

The ability to clearly and compellingly present yourself, your ideas or your product or service is critical to your success. In this interactive workshop you’ll learn what’s really important – and what’s not – when creating and delivering presentations that get heard and get results.

*Includes group exercise

Presented by: Robert R. Albright, Ph.D.- Founding Partner of AIM Consulting Associates


Estimates are that 20% of an average manager’s time is spent managing some form of conflict (misunderstandings, communication issues, personality clashes, etc.) All employees should strive to reduce the amount of time they spend managing unproductive conflict. This session is designed to help one recognize the root causes of conflict, understand how best to approach conflict when it does emerge and how to recognize their preferred conflict handling style. The session will be interactive and lively.

*Includes group exercise

Presented by: Peter Callahan, ACC, CPC - Professional Coach & Facilitator and Leadership & Engagement Director at Copper Beech Institute

Leading high-performing teams is not a skillset we are born with, but through simple practices, it can be learned. We spend years in school training our brains, hours in front of spreadsheets doing our work, what might we gain from spending just a few minutes a day connecting with ourselves and each other?

In this engaging workshop, Peter will share some of the cutting-edge neuroscience around leadership and human connection and guide you in exploring how different practices and tools can transform the stress, chaos and conflicts of work-life into opportunities for connection, creativity and deeper wellbeing.

This lively workshop will include teaching, guided exercises, conversation, storytelling and laughter, as well as clear, simple skills and practices that can be applied right away.

*Includes group exercise

Presented by: Ramon Ray, Global Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author and Founder of Smart Hustle Media

Join entrepreneur Ramon Ray as he shares lesson’s he's learned in building a successful and fulfilling career. As young professionals, your life is ahead of you. It's what you do with your life, the opportunities you take and the decisions you make that will affect your future.

Presented by: Jenny Drescher - Founding Partner of Bolder Company Inc.



Ellen Feldman Ornato - Founding Partner of Bolder Company Inc.

You may be dealing with numbers and data all day, but all businesses are people businesses. Your abilities to manage yourself, relate to others, lead under pressure, and deal with conflict are keys to your career success. This fun, hands-on experiential workshop will introduce you to key concepts and skills to help you become more effective in how you lead, work with teams, collaborate and communicate.

*Includes group exercise

Presented by: Jenny Drescher - Founding Partner of Bolder Company Inc.



Ellen Feldman Ornato - Founding Partner of Bolder Company Inc.



The ability to read and adjust to other people’s styles is a critical factor in communication success. Knowing who we are first and understanding why we respond and behave the way we do in work and life situations sets the stage. Learning how to adjust our tone of voice, pace of speech, organizational style, and more, to meet the needs of others is the next step. This active, laughter-inducing workshop will help you put key pieces together to connect effectively with others.

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