Finance and Innovation

Friday, October 21 8:30am - 4:30pm

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Innocation drives economic growth. The key to reigniting the America economy is reigniting innovation. Innovation can be fostered, nurtured, encourage and sustained by our companies and organizations. Innovation is not soley the purview of marketing, sales, service or production. Financial managers can create organizations that thrive on innovation or kill new ideas. They may choose to develop and maintain the status quo. Truly innovative finance professionals provide new, more meaningful and actionable information to all employees.


  • How innovation happens
  • Innovation metrics and how to report on innovation efforts
  • How the use of technology and other simple techniques can foster and sustain innovation
  • The difference between disruptive and sustaining innovation
  • How to become more innovative on a personal level
  • How to communicate and encourage innovation within your company
  • Designed For

    Finance and accounting professionals who seek to learn more about creating, fostering, nurturing, encouraging and sustaining innovation in their organization and departments


    Participants should have at least six months of industry or public experience and a thorough knowledge of financial accounting principles and practices. Management experience is helpful.




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Leader Bios

John Levy

John F. Levy, MBA, CPA, is the CEO of Board Advisory Services, a consulting firm that assists public companies, or companies aspiring to be public, with corporate governance, compliance, financial reporting and financial strategies. Mr. Levy has 30 years of progressive financial, accounting and business experience, including having served as chief financial officer of both public and private firms. Mr. Levy is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Non-Member Price $394.00

Member Price $269.00