Four Most Overlooked Business Risks

Friday, August 26 8:30am - 4:30pm

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We tend to focus on fighting today’s fires without spending adequate time on bigger, more important risk inherent in today’s inter-connected, competitive world.


This seminar drills down into four commonly overlooked busniess risks, looking at how to anticipate, manage, mitigate or exploit them. We will discuss the professional obligations of the board and executive management to assess risk and the responsibility of internal and external auditors to evalutate the adequacy of these assessments.


  • Systemic Risk: The mega- trends facig organizationtoday
  • Strategic Risk: Five Signals of "de-maturity" in an industry, Is your company ready to respond? & Ten ways to integrate risk mgmt. into strategy
  • Culture Risk: can measuring candor be tied to investor risk?, The rittenhouse Method of predicting market performce and Correlating cndor with market performance
  • Management Continuity Risk: Does your organization risk operational disruption due to a key personal loss? and Risk management's role in management continuity planning

Designed For

Upper level corporate financial managers, internal auditors and public practice CPAs concerned about risk in their own business or who advise clients on risk management issues.


Participants should have at least six months of industry or public experience and a thorough knowledge of financial accounting principles and practices. Management experience is helpful.




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Leader Bios

Brian Maturi

Brian Maturi, MBA, CA, has over 35 years’ financial management experience in the UK and US, including five years with Deloitte Touche and over 20 years with BorgWarner, Inc. where he was a divisional VP Finance and Corporate Director of Risk Management. His favorite topics include ERM, management accounting and currency, commodity and interest rate hedging. Brian holds a bachelor’s in Economics, an MBA and is an English Institute of Chartered Accountants fellow.

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