Human Intelligence - Happiness at Work Series

Available Until Sunday, April 30, 2023


3.00 Credits

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As industries are being disrupted and the pace of change accelerates, our ability to remain motivated at work can be severely challenged.

Motivation is a key factor in determining how happy we are at work and how well we perform. Motivated individuals and teams get things done; they don’t just survive, they thrive.

This three-part series will focus on the key skills that have a positive effect on your motivation, so you and your team can achieve your full potential.


Building personal resilience Building trusting relationships Optimizing performance through listening and observing

Designed For

All accounting and finance professionals.


Identify why it’s important to develop resilience Recognize the critical role trust plays in stakeholder/organizational relationships Recognize how your personal performance will benefit from more advanced listening and observing skills


The format for this self-study program is video. You will receive an email from the AICPA with access information for this product.

Non-Member Price $155.00

Member Price $125.00