Human Intelligence Series

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7.50 Credits

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More and more tasks are becoming automated and artificial intelligence (AI) is improving. Industries are being disrupted, and we increasingly find ourselves partnering with robots and AI. In this environment human skills have become even more valuable.

Develop your human skills. This three-part self-study online series will help you develop the skills that make you uniquely human and position you to take advantage of the new opportunities that await.


Coach and mentoring techniques Emotional intelligence Managing and leading techniques

Designed For

Accounting and finance professionals.


Recognize the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring. Recall the definition of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Identify the differences between leading and managing


The format for this self-study program is video. You will receive an email from the AICPA with access information for this product.

Non-Member Price $189.00

Member Price $149.00