CGMA Financial Performance Management Program

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62.50 Credits

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These courses dive deeper into the technical skills needed by financial professionals in business and industry. Before providing the strategic insights, management accountants need to generate the right information that informs those insights. These interactive courses will enable you to acquire or enhance your technical skills in areas from costing methods to financial analysis to advanced forecasting techniques. Upon completion, you will be better prepared to generate and analyze better data-and to move from information to insight in your organization.


  • Activity-based costing
  • Activity-based management
  • Introduction to breakeven analysis
  • Decision trees and multi-stage decision problems
  • Purposes of budgeting
  • Standard costing and variance analysis

Designed For

Management accountants wanting to develop skills in financial performance management CGMA exam candidates


  • Compare activity-based costing with traditional marginal and absorption costing methods.
  • Identify the uses of activity-based management outputs in improving the efficiency of repetitive overhead activities.
  • Apply cost analysis techniques to calculate relevant costs.
  • Recognize the financial consequences of dealing with long-run projects, in particular the importance of accounting for the `time value of money'.
  • Identify the advantages and benefits of traditional and alternative methodologies of budgeting and forecasting.
  • Determine operating results based on standard costing methods, including the reconciliation of budgeted and actual profit margins.


The format for this self-study program is audio, slides, and some interactive elements. You will receive an email from the AICPA with access information for this product.

Non-Member Price $839.00

Member Price $665.00