Building Trusting Relationships

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1.00 Credits

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Trust is a must-have for all good working relationships. Trust in those around you affects performance and happiness at work. Without trust, relationships and productivity suffer.

This CPE self-study online course will provide you with essential information on the critical role trust plays in stakeholder relationships so that you improve communication, enhance collaboration, and achieve your objectives.


  • How trust affects performance.
  • How to build and sustain trust.
  • How to rebuild when trust is lost.

Designed For

All accounting and finance professionals who want to enhance their performance and build strong work relationships.


  • Recognize the critical role trust plays in stakeholder and organizational relationships.
  • Recognize how personal experience influences how trustworthiness is assessed.
  • Identify the impact that trust has on a working relationship.
  • Recognize the elements that influence trust when building quick trust and those that build lasting trust.
  • Identify how to evaluate trust and rebuild trust by understanding its component parts.


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Non-Member Price $59.00

Member Price $49.00