Why You Should be an Engaged Member

By Timothy Hedley, CTCPA Treasurer, Fordham University, KPMG (retired)

CTCPA Membership Committee
Timothy Hedley
Fordham University,
KPMG (retired)
  Katherine Donovan
Vice Chair 

CTCPA provides many extraordinary benefits to its members. A small selection of these benefits includes professional headshots, technical help from fellow CPAs, the ability to easily track your CPE credits, receiving professional alerts and breaking news, finding professional networking opportunities, and obtaining special discounts on high-quality and reasonably priced professional development.

In addition, the CTCPA is motivated to ensure the future of the profession by working to get CPAs the praise they deserve, fighting countless unseen legislative battles, and helping to ensure that we have an influence at the national level.

These and other benefits (many listed on the page at right) are wonderful, making membership worthwhile. However, the CTCPA has so much more to offer the engaged member. As chair of the CTCPA Membership Committee, I am asking that you become an engaged member: a member who gets the most out of membership by making an active commitment to your career, your fellow accounting professionals, and the profession.

When I speak to very active members, they tell me about the many fulfilling activities at the CTCPA. The benefit I hear lauded most often is committee membership. CTCPA boasts more than two dozen committees, offering a wonderful way to network with like-minded people and get answers to complex problems and scenarios, not to mention providing you with the opportunity to offer up your own expertise to other professionals.

Our committees cover many fields of interest, including accounting, auditing and financial reporting, diversity and inclusion, trusts and estates, technology and employee benefits (you can see a complete listing of committees and groups on page 13 of this issue). If you are a recent graduate or new to the profession, we have a vibrant New and Young Professionals Group, which addresses the skills needed to become a successful leader and also gives you the opportunity to engage in some terrific community outreach.

Of course, you can join the Membership Committee, where we recruit new members, help them engage with the CTCPA, and work to ensure that membership is a rewarding experience. To learn more or join the group, please reach out to New Member and Special Project Manager Alicia Strong at alicias@ctcpas.org.

In socially distanced times, our committees are still as relevant as ever. Each group has an accompanying private online community where you can share information, ask questions, and get advice. Groups also haven’t missed a beat when it comes to meeting virtually – transitioning from a remote participation option to completely virtual meetings for the time being.

Joining a committee is easy. Take the first step by getting on the CTCPA website at www.ctcpas.org/groups, finding the committee or group of interest to you, and clicking on “Join This Group.” Not only will you promote and expand upon your areas of interest, the CTCPA, and the CPA profession, you will have fun.