Jan. 1, 2020 Launch of eFiling in the Probate Courts

Source: Hon. Beverly Streit-Kefalas, Probate Court Administrator

I am pleased to announce that the Probate Courts will launch eFiling statewide on January 1, 2020. Attorneys who practice in the Probate Courts will be required to use the eFiling system.

In preparation for eFiling in January 2020, the Office of the Probate Court Administrator will be offering training sessions for attorneys and their support staff throughout the state in December. The following sessions are available:

At these sessions, attorneys and their staff will be introduced to TurboCourt, the product selected for the eFiling system in the Probate Courts. Attendees will learn how to register for eFiling, file and view documents, serve filings on other parties and pay probate fees.

We invite you to take advantage of one of these live sessions. To register, choose the link for one of the sites above. Please note that space is limited and available only to attorneys and their support staff. A valid Connecticut individual or firm juris number will be required to register.

The training will be recorded and available on the Probate Courts website, ctprobate.gov, by December 31, 2019. In addition, the eFiling system will include a number of support features for users, including phone and online helpdesk support, additional video tutorials and user guides.

Attorneys should review the 2020 Probate Court Rules of Procedure recently adopted by the Supreme Court for guidance on use of the eFiling system. In particular, rules 7 and 22, as well as several new definitions in rule 1, address important issues associated with eFiling. The rules are available on our website, ctprobate.gov.

We are excited to bring you the eFiling system in the new year, with all the benefits it provides.