CPAs Score Another Legislative Win -- Unauthorized Practice of Law Bill Killed

CPAs scored another victory in the 2019 General Assembly: Thanks to the efforts of the CTCPA's advocacy team, Raised Senate Bill No. 1059, the "Unauthorized Practice of Law" bill, did not make it out of the Judiciary Committee. The bill's full title was "An Act Concerning the Unauthorized Practice of Law and the Prevention of False Long-Term Care Legal Planning and Advisement.”

"We're thrilled with another legislative victory," said CTCPA Executive Director Bonnie Stewart, "in addition so far to having defeated the proposed CPA license fee increase and the consumer privacy bills, while also preserving the CPA's ability to serve clients on municipal property tax appeals. However, we're still fighting other issues, including the proposed sales tax on CPA services. The session doesn't end until June 5, so we still have a long road ahead."

Raised Senate Bill No. 1059 would have prohibited anyone other than an attorney from representing clients at administrative agencies such as the Department of Revenue Services, and eliminated the ability of a CPA to provide estate planning advice, including that pertaining to Medicaid and nursing homes.