CTCPA to Oppose Sales Tax on 'Tax Prep and Accounting Services to Consumers' – YOUR Help Needed

November 29, 2018

As part of its Report 2.0 released to the public on November 27, the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth has recommended an extension of the state sales tax to “legal services, tax prep and accounting, consumer only” to the incoming 2019 General Assembly.

The CTCPA opposes any sales tax on any CPA services. We are taking immediate steps to mobilize a grassroots campaign among our members to clearly inform legislators of our opposition.

Individual CTCPA members can and must play an important role in this effort by contacting their respective state representatives and state senators to voice their opposition to any taxation of CPA services.

Accordingly, CTCPA members will soon be provided with information and tools to use in contacting their state legislators. We are creating these tools now and you will receive them via email as soon as they are ready.