CTCPA Stops CPA Services from Being Boxed Out of Property Assessment Appeals, Certain Valuation Services

Senate Bill 182, “An Act Concerning Municipal Tax Appeals and Contingency Agreements," was a bill that would've curtailed who could represent clientele in the municipal valuation process where real property was concerned.

Some municipalities were frustrated by the number of property assessment appeals, so the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities and a number of town assessors requested the legislature impose restrictions on who could provide certain services as well as how they could be paid. 

The bill would’ve significantly limited who could perform valuation work and boxed out CPAs who serve clients on such matters. CTCPA Executive Director Bonnie Stewart and the Society’s contact lobbyist Craig Leroy explained to the legislators how the proposed bill would negatively affect CPAs and their firms performing legitimate valuation work, and the lawmakers agreed to remove the language precluding CPAs from representing their clients on such real property valuation issues.