CTCPA Fighting to Preserve CPAs’ Expert Testimony and Valuation Services in Property Tax Issues

The CTCPA is fighting diligently to preserve the ability of CPAs – in municipal property tax appeals – to perform valuation services, serve as expert witnesses before the court, and, in general, represent their clients in related proceedings.

Last month, the CTCPA testified before the Planning & Development Committee regarding Senate Bill 182, a measure that would restrict CPAs from performing services they currently provide in certain property tax or valuation matters for clients or as expert witnesses.

According to CTCPA Executive Director Bonnie Stewart, “Many CTCPA members represent clients before the Board of Assessment Appeals, perform valuation services, or serve as expert witnesses before the court, so this bill could prove extremely problematic. The CTCPA remains vigilant on Senate Bill 182 and we will fight hard to ensure that the bill does not preclude CPAs providing any of these important services.”