CTCPA Joins AICPA on Capitol Hill for Federal Legislation

May 31, 2017


Last week found Executive Director Bonnie Stewart, Public Affairs Director Mark Zampino, and members Bruce Blasnik, Alan Clavette (pictured above with Senator Chris Murphy and Bonnie), and Brad Kronstat hitting the Capitol - Capitol Hill, that is! - as part of AICPA's Spring Council meeting.

The CTCPA team and CPAs from around the country met with their respective delegates to share four important messages:

The message from AICPA that came through loud and clear from top executives as well as CPA legislators: we are in extraordinary times. Topics like automation and cyber security remain high on the priority list, and adapting to a changing workforce must be a priority for all. 

One of the workplace changes that generated quite a bit of discussion was the arrival of a new generation to the workforce: Gen Z. Speaker duo David Stillman and his son, 17-year-old Jonah, presented a fascinating look at Gen Z - and just how different they are from the millennials.