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CEO-led commission proposes tax overhaul, tolls, min. wage hike
The leaders of a state-created commission laden with high-profile Connecticut CEOs promised to be bold, and it appears they've done so. The 14-member Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth is set to vote this afternoon on a list of...
SEC publishes new requirements for cybersecurity disclosures
Public companies received new guidance from the SEC on Wednesday on the disclosures they should make related to cybersecurity.
Democratic Plan Would Require Sexual Harassment Training At Most Companies In Connecticut
Senate Democrats introduced the Time’s Up Act, a proposal that would significantly alter the way Connecticut handles and combats sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace.
Skills that help accounting professionals succeed alongside AI
There’s some understandable concern these days about the possibility that increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to job losses among accounting and audit professionals.
Member Leslie Zoll of BlumShapiro wrote "Inspiring young workers to enter public service" for the Hartford Business Journal
On the day he was elected President of the United States, Barack Obama delivered a message to the young people of America, saying, "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for....
More women with CFO titles, but still far behind men
During Mary Winston’s tenure as a CFO at three large U.S. companies, she rarely dwelled on often being the only woman or person of color in executive meetings. Instead, Winston, a CPA, concentrated on excelling at her job, whether it was in...
CTCPA Member Robert Lally Wrote "Connecticut: Not So Bad for Business, Companies Doing Well" for the Hartford Courant
Bashing Connecticut is becoming a national sport. Media report after report bemoans our bad business climate, high tax rates, bloated government, lines at the motor vehicle department — the list is long.
The Evolving Role of the CFO in a Digital World
Organization leaders and companies of all sizes are contemplating the impact of digital transformation on their industry, market, organization and staff by exploring the boundaries of traditional definitions. This includes the role of the Chief...
Connecticut CPA Magazine Feature: How Blockchain Is Becoming an Essential Tool for the Exchange of Value
Last issue we provided an introduction to the peer-to-peer autonomous ledger system known as blockchain in Geoff Hopkin’s piece, “Blockchain Brings Exponential Disruption, Growth Potential to Accounting.” In that article,...
CTCPA Executive Director Bonnie Stewart interviewed for Hartford Business Journal article: Accounting industry deals with tax overhaul, talent shortage
Q&A talks with Bonnie Stewart, executive director of the Connecticut Society of CPAs, on the impact of federal tax reform and other issues impacting the accounting industry.