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Gov. Malloy Releases Compromise Budget Proposal
The Governor has put forth a compromise budget proposal today in a good-faith effort to get budget talks moving.
Gov. Malloy Previews New Compromise Budget Proposal
Governor Malloy released an overview of guiding principles of a new, compromise biennial budget proposal that he will offer to the members of the Connecticut General Assembly. He also previewed several areas where the administration’s new proposal makes significant adjustments and compromises to reflect both the priorities of various legislative caucuses, as well as affected constituencies, particularly in the area of town aid.
CT News Junkie: Malloy Adjusts His Executive Order, Cancels PILOT Payment & Zeroes Out ECS for 85 Towns
If the General Assembly is unable to pass a budget before October, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy would zero out education funding for 85 communities, reduce education funding for 54 communities, and the state’s 30 neediest communities would receive the same amount of education funding they did last year.
Hartford Courant: Budget Vote Could Be Week of Sept. 11
Legislators are now targeting the week of Sept.11 for a possible vote to end the months-long state budget stalemate.
CT News Junkie: Survey Finds Budget Situation Is Impacting Consumer Confidence
Connecticut residents are beginning to worry about how the lack of a state budget will impact their personal budgets, according to a survey by InformCT. The survey indicates that “it is possible the uncertainty of the state’s budget situation may be contributing to the decreased likelihood of purchasing.”
CT News Junkie: Up Next? A $3.5 Billion Budget Deficit
With $1.57 billion in labor concessions in the rearview mirror, legislative leaders have pivoted to the remaining two-year, $3.5 billion budget deficit.
Gov. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Wyman Applaud Final Approval of State Employee Concession Deal Saving Taxpayers over $24 Billion
Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman issued a news release applauding the final legislative approval of an agreement with the state employee unions on contract concessions that is estimated to save the state’s taxpayers approximately $24 billion over the next twenty years.
CT News Junkie: Wyman Breaks Tie In Favor of $1.57B Labor Deal
The $1.57 billion labor agreement passed the Senate Monday evening when Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman broke a party line tie vote. Debate on the labor agreement started around 2:25 p.m. after three Democratic Senators conveyed a list of a dozen “systemic” reforms for setting Connecticut on a better fiscal path to Senate President Martin Looney, D-New Haven.
CT Mirror: House Approves Union Concessions Deal
The House of Representatives on Monday narrowly approved the state employees’ concessions deal that is expected to save as much as $1.57 billion this fiscal year and next combined.
CT Mirror: Many Towns Begin Cutbacks in Anticipation of Lean CT Budget
Nearly half of Connecticut cities and towns participating in a recent survey have frozen spending or cut services in response to state budget gridlock and the associated threat of reduced municipal aid, the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities reported Monday.

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