Just imagine - 12 months of access to timely, high-quality webinar and self-study products at your fingertips.

With Surgent CPE, you can now bundle your CPE for additional savings. Buy the Unlimited Plus package for 12 months of access to 1,200+ live webinars and more than 250 self-study courses, or purchase the Unlimited Self-Study package for 12 months of access to more than 200 downloadable CPE courses you complete on your time.



Surgent's Unlimited Plus Package

Surgent's Unlimited Plus Package includes complete 12-month access for a single user to all of Surgent's self-study courses --including a growing library of on-demand self-study webcasts - as well as access to every Surgent live webinar, including all premium courses. With 1,200+ live webinars on the calendar this year alone, plus more than 250 self-study CPE courses available in the package, you'll always be able to find a live or self-study course in the topic and format you need.

Pricing: $595 for members (save 30% on Surgent’s retail price), $850 for nonmembers

Why choose the unlimited plus package?

  • Get unlimited 12-month access to ALL live webinars PLUS unlimited access to all self-study courses (including downloadable PDFs and on-demand webcasts).
  • This package provides the best of both worlds: choose either interactive, instructor-led courses (with no exams) or self-paced, anytime-available learning for any topic you need!
  • This is the ONLY Surgent package that includes access to all on-demand webcasts.
  • Surgent webinars and self-study courses are constantly updated so no matter what format you pick, you'll get the latest information you need for your professional practice.

Order a package now and you'll receive serial numbers and instructions via email. You'll be able to start registering for live webinars and accessing self-study courses right away. Earn as much CPE and explore as many topics as you'd like for one full year from the date of purchase!

What's included in the package?




Surgent's Unlimited Self-Study Package

Surgent's Unlimited Self-Study Package includes every PDF download course in Surgent’s catalog – over 200 courses, each from 2-16 credits. As a member, you pay just $299 – 40% off Surgent’s retail price!

Pricing: $299 for members (save 40% on Surgent's retail price), $498 for nonmembers

Why choose the unlimited self-study package?

  • Get 12 months of access to 200+ downloadable courses.
  • You'll have 24/7 access, so you can earn CPE when it's convenient for you.
  • Delivers instant test results and immediate CPE certificates via email.
  • Serves as an incredibly valuable reference tool all year long.

Order now and you'll receive a serial number and instructions via email. You'll be able to start viewing courses right away--and have access for a full 12 months from the date of your purchase. You'll take tests online and receive CPE certificates immediately by email.

What’s included in the package?

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