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Democrats Promise Boldness in 2018 Session and Campaign
Connecticut House and Senate Democrats, seemingly adrift in recent years over how to respond to a stagnant economy and electoral losses, signaled Tuesday they have chosen a path for the 2018 session and campaign, releasing a “values agenda” committing to progressive favorites such as pay equity, a livable wage and paid family medical leave.
Full text of Governor Dannel Malloy's "State of the State"
Read the full text of Governor Dannel Malloy's final State of the State address.
Financial Summary of the Governor's Budget Plan
View a financial summary of Governor Dannel P. Malloy's Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Plan.
Gov. Malloy Introduces Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Adjustments
Governor Dannel P. Malloy today released his Fiscal Year 2019 budget adjustments , building on the framework of the bipartisan, biennial budget adopted last year. According to his February 5 news release, "The Governor’s proposal focuses on recurring, realistic spending and revenue changes to put the state budget on more stable footing, both in this biennium and into the future."
Malloy Unveils His Final Budget Pitch, Two Days Ahead of Schedule
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy didn’t propose any sweeping changes, but he did take aim at some legislative initiatives, increase spending and taxes, and attempt to find ways around the new federal tax law.
Executive On State Panel: Ending 'Death Tax' Could Boost Economy
A state panel advising the General Assembly on how to reverse Connecticut’s economic decline is considering a revamp of state taxes, including ending the estate tax, a business executive said Wednesday. James Loree, the chief executive officer of Stanley Black & Decker Inc., is leading efforts by the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth to advance pro-growth policies.
Malloy, Fasano heat up transportation debate
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the state Senate’s top Republican intensified their debate Tuesday over an issue expected to be the focal point in Malloy’s final budget proposal: transportation.
Malloy will have a plan to smooth spiking teacher pension costs
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration is developing a proposal to restructure a second spiking pension expense threatening state finances, according to his deputy budget director. But administration officials did not say whether the plan to manage surging costs tied to the teachers’ pension would be released Feb. 7 — when the governor’s final budget proposal is due — or later in the 2018 General Assembly session, which runs through May 9.
CT, NY and NJ to Sue Feds Over GOP's Tax Overhaul Plan
Connecticut, New Jersey and New York are planning to sue the federal government over the Republican-led federal tax overhaul. Democratic governors Andrew Cuomo, of New York, Dannel Malloy, of Connecticut and Phil Murphy, of New Jersey, announced during a conference call today that they will team up to take the Trump administration to court over the federal tax plan that's expected to cost taxpayers in their states billions of dollars.
Governors Malloy, Murphy, and Cuomo Launch Coalition to Sue the Federal Government Over Federal Tax Bill
Elimination of Full State and Local Deductibility Unfairly Targets Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York

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