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CEO-led commission proposes tax overhaul, tolls, min. wage hike
The leaders of a state-created commission laden with high-profile Connecticut CEOs promised to be bold, and it appears they've done so. The 14-member Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth is set to vote this afternoon on a list of draft proposals that includes a state tax overhaul, union bargaining changes, eliminating the estate and gift tax, a minimum wage hike, and paving the way for electronic road tolls.
Amid fiscal perils, will the state embrace regionalism?
“It’s time for regional cooperation,” said Hartford Mayor Mike Peters to an audience in Simsbury in 1994. “You give me a dump truck, and I’ll give you a gang.” The late and beloved Mayor Mike was kidding, as he was wont to do, but was hoping to start some regional sharing. Regionalism has been a hard sell in the land of devout localism, and nothing much happened. But at the beginning of this decade, it actually appeared that Connecticut was moving — well, inching — toward a more regional...
Jonathan Harris declares candidacy for governor
Jonathan Harris, who was executive director of the Connecticut Democratic Party during Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s re-election campaign in 2014 and then oversaw the Department of Consumer Protection for three years, joined the evolving field of Democratic candidates for governor Saturday.
Fiscal stability panel promising tough choices for lawmakers
Given the Herculean task of navigating Connecticut through one of its worst fiscal crises in modern history, a new state panel is pledging at least to deliver a map — on time — on Thursday.
Democratic Plan Would Require Sexual Harassment Training At Most Companies In Connecticut
Senate Democrats introduced the Time’s Up Act, a proposal that would significantly alter the way Connecticut handles and combats sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace.
Connecticut Hunting Down Online Shoppers Who Didn't Pay Sales Tax
The state Department of Revenue Services is combing through customer records from major online retailers to hunt down taxpayers who skipped out on the often-ignored use tax.
Democratic Candidates Talk About Hard Decisions at Forum
More than 100 Democrats from the Greater Hartford area gathered at the Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy to hear from eight of their gubernatorial hopefuls.
A demand for lots more detail on community college consolidation
Officials of the state’s 12 community colleges must answer a long list of questions from the schools’ accrediting body before their plan to shed hundreds of administrative positions can move forward.
Policymakers Propose Paid Sick Leave Mandate Expansion
Connecticut lawmakers will consider an expansion of the state's paid sick leave mandate this year...
IRS: Homeowners With Failing Foundations Can Deduct Repairs Until 2020
The Internal Revenue Service announced Wednesday afternoon that homeowners with failing concrete foundations have until 2021 to deduct any repairs done to their foundations from their federal taxes.

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