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CPE Reciprocity Advances in CT
March  22, 2018 At their March 15 meeting, the General Law Committee of the 2018 Connecticut General Assembly placed Senate Bill 327, “An Act Concerning License Renewal Requirements for Certified Public Accountants” on their consent agenda, which means the committee passed the bill and it has now been filed with the Legislative Commissioner’s Office. The next step for the bill will be a vote on the floor of the state Senate, although that date has not been set. If passed...
CTCPA Fighting to Preserve CPAs’ Expert Testimony and Valuation Services in Property Tax Issues
The CTCPA is fighting diligently to preserve the ability of CPAs – in municipal property tax appeals – to perform valuation services, serve as expert witnesses before the court, and, in general, represent their clients in related proceedings. Last month, the CTCPA testified before the Planning & Development Committee regarding Senate Bill 182 , a measure that would restrict CPAs from performing services they currently provide in certain property tax or valuation matters for...
Four Months Later, A State Budget Deficit Still Lingers
The state budget is expected to end the year in the red by about $192.7 million.
Labor offers harsh critique of CEO-led commission's report
A group of Connecticut labor leaders on Tuesday released a 15-page analysis lambasting the recent recommendations of the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth.
Labor Committee passes “workplace fairness” bills
A bill that would raise the state's minimum wage to $15 squeaked out of committee Thursday, along with a slate of other "workplace fairness" bills promoted by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.
Economic commission co-chairs: ‘It’s about what’s good for Connecticut’
Jim Smith and Robert Patricelli are the co-chairs of the state Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth. The 14-member panel recently delivered a sweeping series of recommendations designed to help Connecticut tackle huge retirement benefit and other debt costs and also enable more robust economic growth.
Information Technology Company To Open Hartford Hub
Infosys, a global consulting and information technology services company, will be opening one of its four innovation hubs in Hartford and promises to create 1,000 jobs before 2022.
Malloy backs higher minimum wage, hedging on how high
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Democratic legislators on Thursday outlined similar agendas for the remaining nine weeks of the 2018 legislative session: Pay equity, expanded sick time and other workplace issues largely directed toward women, a constituency that polls indicate has further tilted toward Democrats since the election of President Trump.
Paid FMLA Bills Get Hearing, But Few Believe It Will Pass
For the fourth year in a row, women, men, and small business owners came to the Legislative Office Building to advocate for a Paid Family Medical Leave program to give families the ability to take paid leave for the birth of a child or a sick loved one.
How the ‘Students First’ college consolidation plan affects students
The state’s dozen community colleges are headed for a fiscal iceberg – and officials say there are few options to keep them afloat over the next few years. One option is to close one of the regional schools.