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Malloy backs higher minimum wage, hedging on how high
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Democratic legislators on Thursday outlined similar agendas for the remaining nine weeks of the 2018 legislative session: Pay equity, expanded sick time and other workplace issues largely directed toward women, a constituency that polls indicate has further tilted toward Democrats since the election of President Trump.
Paid FMLA Bills Get Hearing, But Few Believe It Will Pass
For the fourth year in a row, women, men, and small business owners came to the Legislative Office Building to advocate for a Paid Family Medical Leave program to give families the ability to take paid leave for the birth of a child or a sick loved one.
How the ‘Students First’ college consolidation plan affects students
The state’s dozen community colleges are headed for a fiscal iceberg – and officials say there are few options to keep them afloat over the next few years. One option is to close one of the regional schools.
Harp Explores Suing State Over PILOT
Whether or not other mayors join her, Mayor Toni Harp has instructed her legal staff to prepare a lawsuit against the state for failing to reimburse New Haven fully for revenue lost on tax-exempt properties. Harp discussed the plans during her latest appearance on WNHH FM’s “Mayor Monday” program.
DRS: Notification letters sent to online purchasers who owe CT use tax
Several online retailers who did not charge CT Sales tax have provided the DRS with records of their sales going back several years. Letters have been mailed notifying those CT taxpayers that they owe “Use Tax” to the state for those purchases.
Gov. Malloy and OPM say CT Lottery could smooth spiking teacher pension contributions
Malloy’s budget chief, Office of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes, told legislators Friday that a transfer of lottery revenues might hold the key to resolving complex legal rules governing pension contributions.
CTCPA members with multiple state licenses: Write a letter in support of reducing your CPE reporting requirements
We have an opportunity to reduce the future CPE reporting requirements of Connecticut CPAs who hold licenses in more than one state, but to do so, we need your help as soon as possible!
Gov. Malloy Statement Regarding Recommendations of the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth
Governor Dannel P. Malloy released the following statement regarding the package of recommendations that were made today by the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth.
CEO-led commission proposes tax overhaul, tolls, min. wage hike
The leaders of a state-created commission laden with high-profile Connecticut CEOs promised to be bold, and it appears they've done so. The 14-member Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth is set to vote this afternoon on a list of draft proposals that includes a state tax overhaul, union bargaining changes, eliminating the estate and gift tax, a minimum wage hike, and paving the way for electronic road tolls.
Amid fiscal perils, will the state embrace regionalism?
“It’s time for regional cooperation,” said Hartford Mayor Mike Peters to an audience in Simsbury in 1994. “You give me a dump truck, and I’ll give you a gang.” The late and beloved Mayor Mike was kidding, as he was wont to do, but was hoping to start some regional sharing. Regionalism has been a hard sell in the land of devout localism, and nothing much happened. But at the beginning of this decade, it actually appeared that Connecticut was moving — well, inching — toward a more regional...