Peer Review Technical Reviewer Positions Available

The Connecticut Society of CPAs (CTCPA) is seeking a contracted technical reviewer for the AICPA/CTCPA Peer Review programs. The technical reviewer is charged with the responsibility of performing technical reviews in accordance with the AICPA Standards interpretations and guidelines as outlined in the Peer Review Program Manual, Report Acceptance Body (RAB) Handbook, and the AICPA Oversight Handbook.

What is the time commitment?

Technical reviewers average two to three hours per review batch in the comfort of their own home or office. Additional time may be required to perform offsite oversights, if requested.

Technical Reviewer Qualifications:

You must:

  • Be a member in good standing of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Be currently active in public practice at a supervisory level in the accounting or auditing function of a firm enrolled in the program as a partner of the firm, or as a manager or person with equivalent supervisory responsibilities
  • Have at least five years of recent experience in the practice of public accounting in the accounting or auditing function
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the standards, interpretations and guidance of the peer review program by completing the peer review training course and maintain the qualification by participating in eight hours of continuing professional education in peer review training every three years
  • Participate in at least one peer review each year
  • Obtain a minimum amount of continuing professional education in order to maintain the appropriate level of accounting and auditing knowledge and document and maintain detailed records to verify CPE compliance
  • Comply with independence, confidentiality, and conflict of interest requirements in regard to peer reviews.

Technical Reviewer Responsibilities:

You must: 

  • Perform technical reviews on all peer reviews administered by CTCPA and present them to the Peer Review Committee (Committee) or Report Acceptance Body (RAB) for acceptance
  • Evaluate the peer review documents
  • Complete the technical reviewer’s checklist and include any comments that the RAB may need to properly evaluate the review
  • Assist the Committee or RAB in its report acceptance and oversight functions by performing the following functions (not all inclusive):
    • anticipating the Committee’s or RAB’s questions
    • providing the possible answers to these questions or related recommendations along with all pertinent review documents
    • advising the Committee or RAB of significant matters that may not be apparent from the review documents
    • dealing with evident problems before the review is sent to the Committee or a RAB
    • recommending corrective actions related to a deficiency or deficiencies in the peer review report or implementation plans related to findings on FFC (Findings for Further Consideration) forms, where appropriate
    • consulting with administrative staff, peer reviewers, and reviewed firms on matters relative to the review or its results
    • providing recommendations to the Committee or RAB on reviewer performance issues
    • performing oversights when requested by the Committee or RAB
    • presenting matters requiring consultation to the Committee
    • providing resources to the Committee or RAB to assist them in their duties
    • accepting engagement reviews on behalf of the Committee where the review is a pass with no FFC forms or team captain feedback
    • performing oversight of engagement reviews at the request of the Committee, RAB, or peer review staff and providing a written report to the Committee.
  • Consult with the CTCPA staff, peer reviewers, and reviewed firms on matters relative to the review or its results
  • Providing reviewer feedback recommendations to the Committee or RAB on reviewer performance issues and performance of oversights when requested by the Committee or RAB.

CTCPA offers hourly compensation for time spent in the technical review process. Individuals interested applying for this position should submit a cover letter with resume to Director of Finance and Operations Julie McNeal at