The CTCPA PAC represents YOUR interests. 

Maintaining a strong presence at the Capitol is critical to protect the profession from harmful legislation and proposals with unintended consequences. Donations to the CTCPA Political Action Committee (CTCPA PAC) ensure that CPAs have a powerful and unified voice in Hartford.

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The easiest way to contribute to the CTCPA PAC is to through our online portal. 

To pay with a personal check, please include the required Individual Contributor Certification Form and mail to: CTCPA PAC 716 Brook St., Suite 100, Rocky Hill, CT 06067.  

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What is the CTCPA PAC?

The CTCPA PAC is a bipartisan political action committee that financially supports the Democratic AND Republican Leadership Caucuses at each Connecticut legislative body – the Connecticut House of Representatives as well as the Connecticut Senate. Through this bipartisan support, the CTCPA can increase our visibility to garner support for the important issues affecting the CPA profession and Connecticut’s business community. The CTCPA PAC can ONLY be funded by INDIVIDUAL donations through individually owned accounts.

What is the goal of the CTCPA PAC?

A robust PAC gives you and all CTCPA members increased visibility at the Capitol. Our strengthened voice will help ensure that Connecticut’s CPA community is heard on state legislative issues affecting the profession, your clients, and your employees, especially when it comes to addressing potentially harmful legislation or legislation with unintended consequences.


How much should I donate?

INDIVIDUAL contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. Funds MUST come directly from your PERSONAL account (credit/debit accounts). As part of the electronic online contribution, a quick compliance form must also be completed to ensure the personal nature of the donation. Names of individual contributors of $100 or more will be thanked and acknowledged on the CTCPA website and the Connecticut CPA magazine. You are welcome to opt out of the formal acknowledgment during your contribution process.

Can my firm or company donate?

No. Regulations require that donations to the CTCPA PAC must be INDIVIDUAL, voluntary donations.

Your Contributions at Work

Why should I contribute to the CTCPA PAC?

Donating to the CTCPA PAC is the fastest, easiest way to get involved in the legislative and regulatory process. When you contribute, you’re taking a stand for the profession and for the needs of your organization, your clients, and your employees. Your contribution allows us to open more doors and shake more hands during the legislative session. When legislation arises that threatens us or our livelihoods, we know we’re talking to an audience that knows who we are and what we stand for.

Who receives CTCPA PAC donations?

The CTCPA PAC pools together individual contributions and collectively contributes them to legislative leadership PACs. By acting through the CTCPA PAC, members are part of a focused campaign on behalf of the profession to achieve maximum impact on a broader scale than most individual donations.

Don’t my CTCPA dues go toward advocacy?

Advocacy on behalf of the profession is a vital member benefit (and one of our three mission cornerstones), but we legally cannot use your membership dues to make contributions. Members must make all contributions personally and voluntarily through the CTCPA PAC.

I’m an AICPA member and donate to their PAC. Isn’t that enough?

The AICPA PAC supports federal legislators and issues. The CTCPA PAC, however, works on a state level only – supporting legislators and issues in the very state where you live and work.


Didn’t CTCPA already have a PAC?

This is not our first foray into a PAC; many of you remember that the CTCPA used to have a political action committee, until legislation made it unsustainable for our purposes. Recent changes to public financing laws, however, have allowed the reemergence of PACs, and the CTCPA is among the early adopters to re-establish a PAC as an essential tool to accomplish our advocacy goals.