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2.0 Credits

Cybersecurity Awareness: Protect Your Business

It seems like every day brings new threats to the security of our data and systems; and to a certain extent, it does. "Don't open that email! Don't click that link!" Sound familiar? We don't want to scare you, but we do want to teach you how you can protect yourself and your business, and lead the way in educating your organization.

• Learn about the top threats companies face today, and how to handle them.
• Hear real cases and the real solutions that were used to get companies back on track.
• Discover how you can help your team prevent security breaches.
• Take a proactive approach to learning how to handle cybersecurity situations before they arise.

At this session led by Tim Weber of ADNET Technologies, you'll learn things you can take back to your company and start using immediately to keep yourself, and your business safer!

As seating is limited, you MUST pre-register.

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