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Transportation Committee Readies Vote On Tolls
The rhetoric regarding the installation of highway tolls has intensified over the past few days in anticipation of the first committee vote on the issue. The General Assembly’s Transportation Committee is scheduled to vote on at least one bill Wednesday that could pave the way for electronic tolling.
Minimum Wage, Captive Audience, Public Option Bills Pass Labor
Three significant bills were passed out of committee Thursday: a minimum wage increase, limits on what employers can say to employees in the workplace, and the creation of a public health insurance option for small businesses. The Labor and Public Employees Committee voted in favor of all three, mostly along party lines.
Public Is Divided On Lamont’s Tax Proposal
Taxpayers from every walk of life descended on the Legislative Office Building to offer their opinions Friday on the first public airing of Gov. Ned Lamont’s tax proposals. Some were in support, others in opposition, and some offered their own alternatives.
Accountants, lawyers and boat sellers complain about Gov. Ned Lamont’s plan for $1 billion in new taxes
Facing more than $1 billion in new taxes over the next two years, accountants, boat sellers and others came to the state Capitol Friday to complain to lawmakers about the hikes contained within Gov. Ned Lamont’s budget proposal.
Statement From Governor Lamont’s Office: New Poll Shows Support for Adopting Tolls to Upgrade Aging Infrastructure
“The majority of Connecticut residents – over 50 percent – likely support tolling when they learn that the funds generated will be subject to protections, such as the state transportation lockbox, as approved by Connecticut voters, as well as federal law that mandates use on transportation infrastructure only. Today’s poll underscores Connecticut’s need to move forward with a sustainable, reliable and protected revenue source – 40 percent of which will be paid for by people who don’t even...
Connecticut Residents Don’t Agree On Tolls, But Want Better Roads
Everyone agrees Connecticut’s roads need to be repaired and no one wants to see a bridge collapse, but there seems to be little agreement about how to finance it. The opposition to Gov. Ned Lamont’s proposal to erect electronic tolls on Interstates 84, 91, 95, and Route 15 was visible and vocal Wednesday, but only about 50 people signed up to testify at a public hearing. Opponents packed the Legislative Office Building Wednesday morning, but many left before...
Lamont’s ‘debt diet’ hits an already lean nonprofit safety net
Connecticut’s private, nonprofit social services community has been struggling since the early 2000s with minimal growth in state funding for the vast array of programs it provides. And under Gov. Ned Lamont’s proposed “debt diet,” the industry — which serves an estimated 500,000 clients statewide — would temporarily lose a key $25 million grant program that pays for building repairs, information technology upgrades, new equipment and other capital needs.
Action Alert: Sales Tax on Tax Preparation Advances - Your Help Needed Now!
The initiative to expand the sales tax to include your tax return preparation and accounting services is advancing as you read this email!
Bonnie Stewart pens Hartford Courant op-ed: 'Don't tax us on paying our taxes'
If legislation proposed in the current General Assembly comes to pass, many Connecticut residents will soon face the unpleasant reality of “paying a tax on paying their taxes.” Section 22 of Senate Bill 877, “An Act Concerning Revenue Items to Implement the Governor’s Budget” would broaden the state sales tax to include tax preparation and accounting services, among others.
Plastic bag ban proposals now include new wrinkle: taxes
Jeff Wieser remembers how, as a newly elected member of the Westport Representative Town Meeting nearly a dozen years ago, he carried his cellphone on his daily runs so he could document the plastic bag litter strewn around his coastal town. Wieser's photos became part of the debate the town was having as it considered a ban on single-use plastic bags – those checkout freebies that come mainly from grocery stores.