So you want to be a Connecticut CPA. Congratulations - you've made a great choice!

You're probably wondering where to start... well, you found it.

We've gotten so many questions over the years that we decided to put all the answers down in one place. Enter your five-step handbook to anything and everything you need to know to Become a CPA in Connecticut.




There are four E's you'll need to check off on the road to becoming a CPA in Connecticut.



What forms do I need?

You can stop digging - we've got all of the paperwork in one place for you.


Who do I call?

There are a lot of organizations and companies you'll encounter along the way, between scheduling your exams and applying for your license. Here's a cheat sheet of the key players. (Hopefully that will save you some phone calls!)


How can CTCPA help me?

Our Become a CPA in Connecticut guide will be your new best friend in the coming years. Whether or not you're a CTCPA member, we do sell the ethics exam at a discounted rate... but for our members, we can also save you hundreds of dollars on eight of the most popular CPA Exam review courses, post your resume online to land you your first CPA job, offer you the education you'll need going forward to keep your license current, introduce you to 6,000 CPAs across the state, and much more. Join today!

Questions? Contact Membership and Business Development Director Cindy Panioto at 860-258-0213 or


Good luck in your journey toward becoming a CPA in Connecticut!