Peer Review

Meet the Peer Review Committee

The Peer Review Committee is made up of 12 dedicated members who voluntarily give their time and efforts in ensuring the viability and success of the peer review program as administered by the Connecticut Society of CPAs. The objective of the Peer Review Committee is to administer the CTCPA/AICPA Peer Review Program in Connecticut and establish and maintain policy.


Robert D. Boudreau,CPA Novak Francella LLC
Michael J. Delaney,CPA PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP
Nancy D. Hayes,CPA Carter, Hayes & Associates, P.C.
G. Martin Henry Jr.,CPA Henry, Raymond & Thompson, LLC
Christopher King,CPA King, King & Associates
David H. Leigh,CPA Bailey, Moore, Glazer, Schaefer & Proto
Lynette E. Lindner Connecticut Society of CPAs
Julie E. McNeal,CPA Connecticut Society of CPAs
Judith E. Pollack,CPA Bengtson & Smith, P.C.
Lori Riiska,CPA Lori Riiska, CPA, LLC
John M. Rolleri,CPA, CFE Knight Rolleri Sheppard CPAS, LLP
James G. Russell,CPA Russell & Company
Lawrence Schweitzer,CPA Reich, Schweitzer, Valentino & Cheney LLC
Michael Solakian,CPA Solakian & Company, LLC
Bonnie D. Stewart Connecticut Society of CPAs