'Fix Our Future' Presented to House Republicans

CSCPA President Marcia Marien continued her “Fixing Our Future” road show with an April 5 presentation to the Connecticut House Republicans at the request of Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero. Rep. Cafero had heard President Marien present to the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Committee on March 18 at the request of Society member Ralph DePanfilis.

Marien addressed an audience of approximately 50 Republican legislators and staff, as well as a handful of Capitol beat reporters. Cafero thanked her for the walk-though of the state’s financial statements, saying he found the presentation “bone chilling.” Following her presentation, Marien fielded a number of thoughtful questions from legislators and reports alike.

Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero (R-142) introduces CSCPA President Marcia Marien.


CSCPA President Marcia Marien



House Republican members and staff follow Marien’s (not shown) presentation as she details the grim condition of Connecticut’s fiscal health.


Jared Schmitt, House Republican staff, and Marien 


Marien and House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero (R-142) take advantage of a “photo opp” following the presentation.


Rep. Vincent Candelora (R-86th) and Marien discuss the presentation.


(Background) Marien responds to a question on the Connecticut’s financial statements from House Deputy Republican Leader
Vincent Candelora (R-86th) as (foreground) CSCPA Executive Director Art Renner talks numbers with Journal Inquirer staff reporter Ed Jacovino.