New CPA Certificate Ceremony

On January 11, 2011, CSCPA and the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy welcomed 21 new CPAs into the profession with a reception at the Aqua Turf Club. CSCPA Executive Director Art Renner, CPA and State Board of Accountancy Chairman Tom Reynolds, CPA welcomed the recipients and their friends and families, after which CSCPA President Marcia Marien, CPA addressed Connecticut's current fiscal crisis and how the CSCPA is helping Connecticut's legislators and decision-makers tackle the issues.

Reynolds presented the new CPAs with their certificates.

CSCPA Executive Director Art Renner welcomes the crowd.


State Board of Accountancy Chairman Tom Reynolds


CSCPA President Marcia Marien


Jesmear Acosta, CPA


Sarah Bohnenkamp, CPA


Matthew Carlson, CPA


Robert Yong Da, CPA


Timothy DeCarli, CPA


Mark DeGrandis, CPA


Barbara Fouquette, CPA


Joseph T. Freeman, CPA


Peter Giordano, CPA


Koray Gurz, CPA


Michael Kleinschmitt, CPA


Kyle Langner, CPA


Michael Lebron, CPA


Andrew Lis, CPA


Marta Lyba, CPA


Erik Meijer, CPA


James Miller, CPA


Cheryl Proctor, CPA


Tony Van Tran, CPA


Corey Veneziano, CPA


Laura Winkler, CPA


Members of the State Board of Accountancy: Executive Director David Guay, Leonard M. Romaniello, Jr., CPA, and Chairman Reynolds.