CSCPA Heads to Washington, D.C.

Connecticut’s members of the American Institute of CPAs’ governing Council attended that body’s Spring meeting in Washington D.C., taking advantage of the logistics to visit several members of Congress during their trip to the nation’s capital in late April.

Council members Joseph Equale, Larry Gramling, and John Turgeon, accompanied by CSCPA Executive Director Art Renner and Public Affairs Director Mark Zampino, participated in two days of meetings, presentations, and briefings, and then met with Congressmen Jim Himes (D-4th) and Chris Murphy (D-5th) as well as legislative aides to Sen. Chris Dodd and to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. Equale and Gramling are Connecticut’s designated Council members; Turgeon holds a one-year term on Council as the sitting CSCPA president.

During their Congressional visits, the CSCPA contingent discussed the pending “re-regulation” of the financial services industry, the issuing of patents for tax-planning strategies, and the CSCPA’s considerable efforts to enhance personal financial literacy in the form of the Society’s “Me, Myself, My Money” curriculum.

Congressman Chris Murphy chats with CSCPA representatives, including Joseph Equale.


Washington embraces "Me, Myself, My Money" and the financial literacy message of the CSCPA!